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Favorite Quotes

Tack: All right! Get you some! ( to a couple making out on the street)
Hubbs: Tack you cack!
Lanie: He couldn't keep his hands off me!
Hubbs: All right Joe!
Jill: You two must be lookin for the homo sponge bath party. It's two doors down.
Tack: Why did you guys spit at me?
Hubbs: Ya Joe, why did you spit at my buddy Tack, man
Joe: You fuckin told me too!
Mrs.Hankey: Don't be such a poopy doodle!
Lanie: Who's Tack?
Hubbs: Just some dude
Tack: Ya I talked to them (as he picks his nose)
Joe: What kind of chicks are gonna talk to Tack man
Hubbs: I dunno.. they must want it really bad
Disco Dude: Put a little insanity on your potato... Shake it maaaan
Tack: Come on Snotrag, You'd rather watch Dukes of Hazard instead of getting laid!?
Snotrag: Ya man, its my favorite show!
Jill: Ew.. Whats that smell
Joe: I dunno.. Don't ask me man
Joe: Hey some ol' dude's out there kickin ass!
And from all the emails I've gotten so far from everyone.. these have been the two most frequent quotes that people have told me were their faves..

Tack: Bring on the bitches!


Tack: Get naked or shut up

What are some of your favorite quotes from the movie?

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