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He got hit with a lazer at the BOC show.. lit his head up like a Christmas tree. Ever since then, a gnarly eyeball seems to follow Joe wherever he goes. So at least he seems to have *somethin* goin' on upstairs.. Unlike those dicks he hangs out with! But, why didn't he go for Jill? He was workin up to it.. He just has to figure out how to spell her last name :)

Where is Joe these days?

Michael Kopelow currently has a band in LA called, Captain Pants. You can write to him here:

Michael Kopelow
11684 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA

Or check out his filmography

Joe's butt buddy, and Lanie's latest one night stand. Hubbs parades around Torrance with Joe in the Blue Torpedo in hopes of gettin drunk and laid by a rad chick. He actually suceeds .. Why? Cos he's a dangerous type who kinda looks like Richie Blackmore, and also scored some 151.

Where is Hubbs these days?

You'll probably remember Bradford Tatum as the bully in Powder.. but if you want a more in-depth look at his filmography, Click here


Who's Tack? Just some dude... A dude who wears an out-grown OX45 shirt, has curly blonde hair, and no matter what, he always has a can of beer wherever he goes. Does he have a last name? We'll never know.. But we do know he won't be gettin laid until he's 30 and can find some "fine chicks!!" Until then, he drags Snotrag around so he can use his car in hopes of gettin laid and gettin some talls :)

Where is Tack these days?

For the best spot to find info on Tack.. head on over to my Clifton Gonzalez Gonzalez fan page: